47 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

How Unhustling Can Help You Get Ahead With Milena Regos

13 | The founder of Unhustle, Milena Regos, our guest this week is changing the way we think about the workweek. The Unhustle framework reframes how we live our lives, to take care of ourselves first so we can perform better in our professional lives. We talk morning routines, the 4-day workweek, unlearning, deep play, and the 7 characteristics of Unhustlers that make them successful. If you're feeling the pressure from hustle culture, this episode is for you! (and me) It really helped me reflect on my life and how I can manage my work better. Press play now and Unhustle my friend! ------For More Tea: @theteapleasepodcast, www.theteaplease.com For More from Unhustle: @unhustle, www.unhustle.com------Click Subscribe/follow + leave a review + receive good karma
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