30 minutes | Jan 13th 2021

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: DO THE QUANTUM LEAP SHOW!

It’s a new Ziggy Gets it Wrong! Here are the two very stellar episodes tackled on this installment. Episodes of Quantum Leap are available for free on nbc.com!

Maybe Baby: March 11, 1963
Season 2, Episode 20

Julie Brown wrote this episode with her husband! Oh Boy! Bunny O’Hare kidnaps a baby in this Raising Arizona (and also Roadhouse) episode and Sam is caught up in the mess. Al The Environmentalist makes his debut and Sam diagnoses asthma with his super ears in a moving vehicle!

Leapy Inventions: None

Ziggy Gets It: Could have been right but Sam says NO SIR NO MA’AM

Sea Bride: June 3, 1954
Season 2, Episode 21

Trash compactors! Environmentalist Al shows up again to complain about oceanic trash is while Sam tries to prevent a Married to the Mob situation on a cruise ship and a plucky young sister has the hots for Sam! He’s as dashing as Tab Hunter after all.

Leapy Inventions: “An offer you can’t refuse”

Ziggy Gets It: Right

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