47 minutes | Jan 13, 2021

Why You Should Fire Your Financial Advisor with Bernard Reisz of ReSure Financial Advisors

Bernard Reisz is a CPA and a Principal at ReSure Financial Advisors LLC, where he provides financial consulting and tax advisory services. Bernard offers holistic finance and tax expertise, focusing on real estate, entity structuring, and self-directed retirement accounts.

Bernard is also the founder of 401kCheckbook.com, which gives investors direct control of their tax-sheltered funds for real estate equity and debt opportunities using Checkbook Control IRAs, QRPs, Solo 401s, and Checkbook Life Insurance.

In this episode…

What is the real cost of a financial advisor? The short answer is 1.5% per—but that is only half the truth. According to Bernard Reisz, paying a financial advisor a percentage of your portfolio will set you back in millions over the long run for little or no value add.

So why pay so much when you can empower yourself to manage your portfolio and save millions in fees? Is it even possible for you to learn to manage your own financial or investment portfolio?

On this episode of the Tax Resolution Ninja Show, Allan Rolnick interviews Bernard Reisz, the Principal at ReSure Financial Advisors LLC, to discuss the real cost of hiring a financial advisor and why he thinks it’s a bad idea for you to hire one. Bernard also explains why it’s important for everyone to know how the financial industry works, what you can do to take control of your investment portfolio, and how you can manage this successfully without leaking millions in fees. Stay tuned.

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