39 minutes | Oct 14, 2021

How to Find Your Target Market and Grow During a Pandemic Using EOS with Aaron Purkeypile

Has the growth of your business stagnated? Discover how EOS helped Aaron Purkeypile, EOS Implementor at Lincoln Fitness and Nutrition, find and target the right market. With a refocused effort on establishing what they offer and to whom, Lincoln Fitness and Nutrition managed to stay profitable, having one of their best years during the Pandemic.

What You’ll Learn:
  • How Lincoln Fitness and Nutrition (a Crossfit Gym) stayed profitable during the Pandemic
  • How to Find Your Target Market Using EOS
  • Why You Might Need to GET RID of Clients to Continue Growing Your Business
  • How Lincoln Fitness and Nutrition responded to bad gym reviews
  • The Importance of an Issues List
  • How to Make People Feel Safe in a Gym

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