48 minutes | Apr 26, 2020

Finding Identity Through Endurance with Rob Speranza, Darren Wright, and Matt Rothrock

On this week's episode I am joined by Rob Speranza, Darren Wright, and Matt Rothrock. These guys were three of my former football teammates at Lafayette College. Between the four of us, we have lost a combined 340 pounds and have each found endurance sports as a new passion after our football careers ended. This is a really interesting episode and we get into a lot of different topics including adjusting to life after football, weight loss, how we got into endurance sports and so much more on episode 5 of The Tanner Kern Podcast. If you want to connect with my guests on social media here's the links! Rob Speranza StravaRobert Speranza Instagram@robsperanza24 Darren Wright StravaDarren Wright Instagram@darrren.wright Matt Rothrock StravaMatt Rothrock Instagram@matt_rothrock If you're interested in learning more about myself and the show visit tannerkern.com and follow the show on Instagram@tannerkernpodcast

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