51 minutes | Jun 19th 2020

260 Mile Canada to Connecticut Run Recap with Jordan Tucker & Jim Kern

My cousin Jordan and myself, with the support of our Crew Chief Jim Kern, ran 260 miles from Canada to Connecticut between June 12th - June 18th. We recorded the show the day after we got back and we recap the highs, lows, and every single day of our trip from Canada to Connecticut. It was seven straight days of ultramarathons where we spent 60 hours and 50 minutes of time on our feet. We ran to benefit Foodshare and I can't thank everyone at the non-profit enough for how special they made the finish line at their office. In total, we raised $13,000 which can allow Foodshare to provide over 30,000 meals for people suffering from food insecurity in these difficult times of COVID-19. I blogged everyday of the trip! To learn more about the show, myself, and the blog check it out www.tannerkern.com and if you'd like to order my new TK: Elite Mindset apparel please visit https://www.bsnteamsports.com/shop/TfnPCNAEtc! The store will be open until June 29th. Thank you for the support!

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