28 minutes | Apr 1st 2021

Episode 54 - Weird Holidays You Can Use In Your Marketing

You've heard of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. But what about National Squirrel Day and the other 362 days of the year?Did you know there's a holiday every. single. day?! It's true. And while they're off the wall, kinda funky, and completely full of personality... they're also a HUGE way to drive attention and traffic into your business. For your social, your sales, your offers, your launches... you can tie anything into a holiday.In this episode, Jennie & Alyson will break down exactly what steps you can take, brainstorm some ideas... and you'll even hear behind the scenes of #billglazer and how he used LEAP YEAR to drive sales in a brick & mortar store. PLUS Alyson makes a big promise that Jennie will make her keep...
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