43 minutes | Jun 24, 2020

Open-Source PPE Manufacturing and Sterilization

In this episode, recorded via Zoom on May 11, 2020, we talked to Penn State personnel about their involvement with the Manufacturing and Sterilization for COVID-19 Project, or MASC. We discussed how University staff and researchers used their resources and expertise to produce and extend the effective life of personal protection equipment needed by medical providers during the pandemic.Relevant LinksManufacturing and Sterilization for COVID-19 (MASC) InitiativeMedRxivBioRxivPrusa Face ShieldEva J. Pell ABSL3 Laboratory for Advanced Biological ResearchCDC: Recognizing the Biosafety LevelsN95DECON.orgNetflix Docuseries Pandemic: How to Prevent an OutbreakGuests:Moriah Szpara – Associate Professor of Biology, Biochemistry, and Molecular BiologyTimothy Simpson – Paul Morrow Professor in Engineering Design and ManufacturingMelissa James – Facilities Coordinator, Eva J. Pell Laboratory for Advanced Biological Research
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