33 minutes | Dec 20, 2020


Pumas and parakeets and Pascal, oh my! (Okay, Pascal, the chameleon companion in Tangled may be a bit of an obscure stretch, but alliteration...) We look at a trio of Kinder products: the Kinder Bar (complete with the timeless, unaging Kinder Kid), the Kinder Bueno (both in standard and white chocolate form), and the international, controversial Kinder Surprise.For more of The Sweets Collective, find us at https://thesweetscollectivepodcast.buzzsprout.com/ or wherever you get your podcasts. Or email us at thesweetscollectivepodcast@gmail.com.The Sweets Collective theme tune is courtesy of freesound.org, with thanks and attribution to Hörspielwerkstatt Phantastonia, for the use of their music “Hip Hop 2020” (https://freesound.org/s/505492/).  Also in this episode, we thank and attribute Big Joe Drummer, for the use of their sound bite "Buzz Roll" (https://freesound.org/s/77305/).Special thanks to Yuna Miyoshi for our The Sweets Collective logo. More of her art can be seen on Instagram @haniton_yuna.
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