57 minutes | Jan 21, 2020

EP 13. The Evolution of Video Marketing with Daniel Macaulay

In this episode Daniel Macaulay from Brandwave reflects on how video marketing has moved from DVDs on magazine covers to social media platforms. This is a must-listen for anyone planning to run any kind of marketing campaign using video across social media. Learn how the video landscape is changing and why vanity metrics are you worst enemy to measuring the success of campaigns. About Daniel Macaulay Daniel is the Founder & CEO of Brandwave Marketing - one of the world's leading sports marketing consultancies and the chosen agency of many of the sports industry’s leading brands including Adidas, BMW, Scott, Reebok, Les Mills, INEOS, Wiggle, and Salomon. https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-macaulay-8871804/ https://brandwavemarketing.com/ **TIMESTAMPS** 06.34 How has the use of video changed since you started Brandwave 12.19 Why project briefs are changing to focus on new KPIs 14.40 The biggest mistakes fitness brands are making with video 17.45 Will the loss of vanity metrics help brands to determine campaign success more effectively 20.50 Why taking risks is more important than copying your competitors 23.00 The marketing challenges start-ups face in the fitness industry 26.30 How do you create customers with content 29.55 Is print advertising dead? 32.00 Why common sense in advertising is fundamental to success 35.15 How the video landscape is changing and challenging brands 36.50 What marketing teams need to do first before launching any advertising campaign 41.24 How to decide what content to make to attract customers 44.47 Daniel’s predictions for video consumption across social media 48.20 Is the era of influencer marketing coming to an end? **THE SWEATLIFE PODCAST** The Sweatlife podcast is your guide to video and video marketing in the health and fitness industry Sweatlife Films specialises in video and video marketing for the health and fitness industry http://www.sweatlife.co.uk
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