126 minutes | Dec 10, 2020

Protein, Lactate, and Strength Phases to Boost Hypertrophy

SummaryToday’s episode features some Good News and Feats of Strength, followed by a huge Research Roundup to get you all caught up on recent happenings in the world of exercise science and sports nutrition. Topics covered include optimal protein intake, essential amino acids, meal timing, lactate, relationships between sleep and hunger, and muscle memory. Greg also discusses a recent study suggesting that adding strength phases to your training may promote greater hypertrophy. This study has made the rounds on social media and been widely discussed in the evidence-based fitness world, but there are some important details to consider before drawing conclusions on the topic. Finally, to play them out, Eric and Greg discuss some major food controversies that have shaken Eric to his core.LinksIf you’d like to receive Research Roundup emails, please sign up for our email list. To join in on the SBS conversation, check out our new Facebook group and subreddit.Finally, next time you stock up on supplements from BulkSupplements.com, be sure to use the promo code “SBSPOD” (all caps) to get 5% off your entire order.Time StampsIntro/Announcements (0:01:00). Good news: COVID vaccines, open science (0:04:12). Feats of Strength (0:17:16). Research Roundup (0:24:33). Optimal Protein Intake (0:25:15). Article discussed: Dose–response relationship between protein intake and muscle mass increase: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Essential Amino Acids (0:35:39). Article discussed: Essential Amino Acids and Protein Synthesis: Insights into Maximizing the Muscle and Whole-Body Response to FeedingMeal Timing (0:42:55). Articles discussed: Late eating is associated with cardiometabolic risk traits, obesogenic behaviors, and impaired weight loss. Higher eating frequency is associated with lower adiposity and robust circadian rhythms: a cross-sectional study. Impact of Meal Frequency on Anthropometric Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Danny Lennon’s article on chrononutrition. Preceding a Hypertrophy Phase with a Strength Phase (0:52:22). Article discussed: Is stronger better? Influence of a strength phase followed by a hypertrophy phase on muscular adaptations in resistance-trained men. Sleep and Hunger (1:13:45). Article discussed: Caloric and Macronutrient Intake and Meal Timing Responses to Repeated Sleep Restriction Exposures Separated by Varying Intervening Recovery Nights in Healthy Adults. Lactate (1:22:23). Articles discussed: The emerging role of lactate as a mediator of exercise-induced appetite suppression.Resistance to exercise-induced weight loss: compensatory behavioral adaptations. Potential involvement of lactate and interleukin-6 in the appetite-regulatory hormonal response to an acute exercise bout. Lactate as a Signaling Molecule That Regulates Exercise-Induced Adaptations. Muscle Memory (1:40:07). Article discussed: Muscle memory: myonuclear accretion, maintenance, morphology, and miRNA levels with training and detraining in adult mice. To Play Us Out: Major food conspiracies (1:49:15). 
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