79 minutes | Sep 10, 2020

Fireside Chat #8: Motivation, sports, steroids, and more

Fireside chats are a collection of conversational, off-topic episodes hosted by Greg Nuckols. In Fireside Chat #8, Greg sits down with Eric Trexler to discuss motivation, sports, steroids, and more.If you’d like to ask questions or recommend topics for a future Fireside Chat, you can submit them at tiny.cc/sbsqaTime StampsWhat's the best way to motivate yourself? (0:01:20). What happens behind the scenes of SBS? (0:10:33). If you were to compete in a sport that was neither a strength sport nor one of the big 4-5 spectator sports of the western world, what would it be and why? (0:24:50). What sport is the most fascinating to you, or the sport in which it seems most unbelievable to reach the top levels of competition? (0:32:04). Why have you stayed steroid-free? (0:51:10). If you could take a pill to make you smarter, would you do it? (1:09:33). 
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