62 minutes | Oct 8th 2019

Ep 22 Road to Kona 2020: Dr. Lisa Lewis- Using Your Superpowers for Good

When it comes to performance, it seems we've learned quite a lot about what we need to physiologically develop in order to perform...but the physiological aspect is only a portion of reaching your full potential.  While the mental aspect is seen as a "soft science", it produces cold, hard results- when you do it right.

In the first episode of our Road to Kona 2020 series, we talk with Dr. Lisa Lewis about developing the skills & tools we need to develop that will allow you to tap into your superpowers and unlock your full potential.

Dr. Lewis is a licensed performance & addictions psychologist, who specializes in working with athletes for sports performance, as well as coaching & education for fitness professionals looking to help their clients & athletes tap into their super powers. She is a wealth of knowledge and has been passionately helping others since 2003, when she first became a licensed psychologist. 

She currently serves as part time faculty member at Northeastern University and teaches classes including developmental psychology and abnormal psychology. She has also taught at Wheelock College and Salem State University, teaching undergraduate courses including developmental psychology, sport psychology, and exercise psychology.



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