45 minutes | Aug 10, 2021

Ep 168 – She Manifested her Highest High Without Psychedelics

THE STREAM OF DAVID PODCAST Channeled Spiritual Guidance & Law of Attraction Advice Monika Lembit joins David in the studio and shares how she manifested her own Tya Bootcamp “final Exam” by going deep into low vibration only to find herself vibing higher than ever, even higher than her psychedelic experiences such as Ayahuasca. Tya is not about never going into “low vibration” but rather finding the deep meaning of contrasting experiences. Monika created the most perfect exit of Tya Bootcamp by going deep and finding the gold “down there.” This is a must-listen! The Tya Practice™ is a new operating system for humanity. Learn the Spiritual Mindset Practice that is Transforming Lives All Over the World!  Take the Free 90-Minute MASTERCLASS Love The Stream of David? Leave us a review: http://bit.ly/LoveForTSOD
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