63 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

Ep 159 – Living Life from the Perspective of Source with Special Guest Andrea St. Amand

THE STREAM OF DAVID PODCAST Channeled Spiritual Guidance & Law of Attraction Advice Evidential psychic medium Andrea St. Amand joins David in a deep discussion on melding the eternal being in the physical body––essentially living life from the perspective of Source! Andrea shares her techniques for allowing her Source connection to flow and they compare notes on transmuting negative experiences into positive, affirming ones––the alignment is incredible! Andrea St. Amand is an evidential psychic medium.   She offers healing readings that unite clients with their departed loved ones, including pets, and psychic readings that uncover core energetic gifts to realign clients with their truest nature. She has been a professional ballerina and a partner in a law firm. She is passionate and dedicated to connecting people to their own imagination, their sacred souls, and to the profound wisdom of the spirit world.   Website:  www.andreasaintamand.com  Facebook: www.facebook.com/andreasaintamand Instagram:  @andrea.st.amand The Tya Practice™ is a new operating system for humanity. Learn the Spiritual Mindset Practice that is Transforming Lives All Over the World! Begin Your Tya Journey HERE.  Love The Stream of David? Leave us a review: http://bit.ly/LoveForTSOD  
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