109 minutes | Sep 26, 2021

#132 Martin Cohen - Critical Thinking Expert

Author specialising in popular books in philosophy, social science and politics. More typical of my work perhaps is 101 Philosophy Problems or Critical Thinking Skills for Dummies or indeed my look at how scientists work - a book called Paradigm Shift. Maybe this last one sounds rather technical but is actually a great deckchair read, taking a look at many perplexed and perplexing issues in life, from religion to science, from food fads to black holes in space.. There's some awful warnings, sure, but also plenty of good news in debunking some of the diet myths - and in the wonders of foods like... chocolate. Recent books include I Think Therefore I Eat, which I would call a kind of crossover book with a taste of philosophy certainly, and some psychology, but lots of food science. This has led to some popular articles in the press. https://www.independent.co.uk/author/martin-cohen (Source: https://www.martincohenauthor.com) https://tribe.moti.media/members/8459538/feed https://twitter.com/docmartincohen Media Picks Clarkson’s Farm https://amzn.to/3i8gHZ9 Marcus Aurelius https://g.co/kgs/fFE9ZY Tim’s free research www.pricevaluepartners.com Tim’s Book Investing Through the Looking Glass https://amzn.to/3jii9tf State of the Markets Podcast Paul Rodriguez of https://ThinkTrading.com https://twitter.com/prodr1guez Tim Price of https://Pricevaluepartners.com https://twitter.com/timfprice Podcast links:  https://sotmpodcast.com https://anchor.fm/stateofthemarkets https://apple.co/2OUGW6R All podcasts available on youtube: https://bit.ly/3v4Lo5V --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/stateofthemarkets/message
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