53 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

Episode 9 - Secrets of a UK Apple Specialist with Bryan Holmes

Our guest for this episode is Bryan Holmes, Managing Director of iStation, a UK-based independent Apple support service.Bryan's story chronicles the humble beginnings of iStation as an independent repair shop that serviced Apple products and the progress they have made under Apple's Independent Repair Provider program. We get insight into the requirements and benefits of forming a relationship with Apple, and how a repair business can chart a course for success with them. Bryan also discusses issues pertinent to the right to repair movement, and lists down some of the great features he's found with RepairDesk, his platform of choice.Find iStation online – https://istationonline.co.ukFacebook  – http://facebook.com/istationonline.co.ukTwitter  – https://twitter.com/iStationOnlineLinkedIn  – http://uk.linkedin.com/company/istationonlineInstagram  – https://www.instagram.com/istationonlineLocation  –  iStation Ltd,  27 Wellington Square, Stockton-On-Tees TS18 1RG, United Kingdom Sign up for RepairDesk -- https://www.repairdesk.co
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