44 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

Episode 6 - Understanding Right to Repair with Kyle Wiens

The State of Repairs goes live with Kyle Wiens, Founder and CEO of iFixit in a conversation about the Right to Repair movement. Kyle has been leading the front in securing the consumer's right to repair in the United States and across the world and talks to us in great detail about what the movement stands for, his personal involvement with it, and what can be done by everyone involved.In Episode 6, we look to deconstruct the Right to Repair movement, what it really stands for, the achievements it's gained, and the future that the movement envisions.Find iFixit Online -- https://www.ifixit.com/iFixit on Twitter -- https://twitter.com/iFixitiFixit.com on Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/iFixitJoin The Repair Association -- https://www.repair.org/Right to Repair Coalition on Twitter -- https://twitter.com/RepairCoalitionRepair.org on Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/repairdotorg/Kyle Wiens on Twitter -- https://twitter.com/kwiensWebsite -- http://kylewiens.com/ Sign up for RepairDesk -- https://www.repairdesk.co
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