34 minutes | Sep 28th 2020

211: Sales and Marketing Go Together Like PB&J - Words of Wisdom from Mark Donnigan

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another great episode of the Startup Junkies Podcast. This week, Jeff Amerine and Matthew Ward have a lively conversation with Mark Donnigan, founder of d-launch. d-launch is a marketing consulting firm Mark started in 2010 to help startup companies crush their business objectives through marketing architecture. In this episode, you will get to hear about Mark's impactful journey from sales to opening his own marketing consulting firm, his approach to picking your first marketing hire, and why there should not be a demand generation function. Tune in for these words of wisdom!


(1:01) Introducing Mark Donnigan

(4:46) Go-to market engineering

(10:51) The importance of a startup’s first marketing hire

(19:30) Demand generation marketing

(23:35) The difference in B2C and B2B sales

(31:00) Mark’s advice for his past self



Caleb Talley

Jeff Amerine

Mark Donnigan




“The high failure rate of startups is due largely to the fact that - not because what was built didn’t work, or didn’t fulfill the promise...but it’s because they failed to educate the market as to the problem that this invention would solve.” (5:52)


“In some ways, a lot of the B2C motions are, are, are, the tactics are different in B2B.  It’s true, but at the end of the day, I’m still selling to a human.  And if that human doesn’t connect with me, as another human even at the most basic relationship level, I’m not going to close the sale” (23:59)