60 minutes | Sep 10th 2018

Star Wars Stacks 67: Jen and Chris Have a Chat

Episode Description In episode 67, we change course a bit quickly, instead of reviewing Last Shot, we call a mulligan and change course. Chris and Jen (Joe fell ill unfortunately) discuss the metric ton of recent Star Wars and other genre news. If you would still like to read Last Shot, grab it from Amazon. In the place of the Solo book we will pick up next time with Thrawn: Alliances.   Links & Related Star Wars Stacks Episodes Thanks to Rick Moyer for our intro music and the Samurai Guitarist for our outtro! Check out these episodes too: Solo and Forces of Destiny and October Nothing.  For a free audiobook download: http://www.audibletrial.com/Stacks   If you liked this episode, please subscribe and share it with your friends! Do you have comments on this episode? MP3 audio, emails, Tweets and Facebook feedback welcome! Here’s how you can contact the hosts: Email: swstacksshow@gmail.com Visit our website at swstacks.com Facebook: facebook.com/thestarwarsstacks Twitter: twitter.com/swstacksshow Rate The Star Wars Stacks on Stitcher and/or iTunes. Your stars and thumbs up help others discover the show. Please share a link with your friends too. Thanks for listening!
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