110 minutes | Mar 5, 2021

The Star Bright Project Episode 6: The Color of Truth

Join Hayden, Michelle, and myself for this very special episode of Quantum Leap.  In fact, it's so special, we have an extra special guest.   Join us to find out who it might be. I will give you a clue.  She is very involved in this episode (well, behind the scenes). One of the best episodes of Quantum Leap, The Color of Truth.  Listen to us talk about Sam leaping in to an older black man (Jessie Tyler) in the 50's, in the deep south. Check out our Facebook group (http://facebook.com/groups/headcastnetwork) or my website (http://headcastnetwork.com) or you can download this episode using your favorite podcatcher. And let us know how we're doing.  E-mail us at StarBright@HeadcastNetwork.com, leave a message on the website, the Facebook group, or here!
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