59 minutes | Aug 15, 2020

The Star Bright Project Episode 3 Bonus episode

Due to personal reasons, I'm not releasing any episodes this month, except for this one.  Michelle and myself got together with friend of the show, Hayden McQueenie to talk about episode 3 (The Right Hand of God).  But as any good guest does, Hayden did not show up empty handed.  What did Hayden bring?  Well, I guess the proper question is WHO did Hayden bring. Guess what.  You can listen to this episode to find out. Then be back here next month to listen to Michelle and me actually discuss episode 3 of Quantum Leap. Be sure to check out my Facebook group: The Headcast Network Also watch for the new, revamped website: Head Speaks  Coming soon! Be sure to e-mail us at Starbright@HeadSpeaks.com, visit the Facebook group, or leave a message here and let us know what you think. We'll see you next month... somewhere in time!
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