58 minutes | Dec 30, 2020

F*** 2020 Bonus Episode!

Happy New Year Leapers! I thought the Christmas episode was going to be the last for the year... BUT, thanks to Hayden, we have one final episode for 2020.  Hayden had an idea to wrap up this... "fantastic" year. God help Sam if he ever leaps to 2020. Wait a minute... Is it possible that  everything that happened this year is from... An evil leaper?! Thanks  to a throwaway line in "Deliver Us From Evil", there is the distinct  possibility.   Hayden is joined by friends of the QLP and hosts of the Starbright  Project, Aaron and Michelle Moss to discuss the "Jimmy" arc in Quantum  Leap, and to make sure we get out of this dumpster fire of a year,  alive. JUMANJI! Spoiler warning...  This episode contains spoilers for upcoming episodes, 'Jimmy' and 'Deliver Us From Evil'. And we here at The Star Bright Project and The Headcast Network Studios wish all of you a very Happy New Year and hope that 2021 is better than the last 12 months.
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