75 minutes | Oct 8, 2020

Episode 4 : How The Tess Was Won

Hayden, Michelle and myself return to talk about How The Tess Was Won.  Spoiler alert, a couple of people on this show wasn't huge fans of this episode.... Also, we look at Sam's Playlist for August of 1956. And finally, on A Brush With History, we look at Women's lib (just a bit) and Buddy Holly! Join us.  Also, join us on my Facebook group http://facebook.com/groups/headcastnetwork and at my website http://HeadcastNetwork.com. Be sure to stroke my ego and let us know how we're doing, by sending us an e-mail to StarBright@HeadcastNetwork.com, or leaving messages at the afore mentioned websites.  And if you enjoy what you're hearing, why don't you help the network out, by throwing a couple of bucks in the kitty?  The Headcast Network is on Patreon at http://patreon.com/headcastnetwork. And join us next month as we continue to leap on....  Also, it's not set in stone, but we may have a bonus episode out on Halloween, looking at the episode that shall not be named.... Until next time Leapers!
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