138 minutes | Jun 16, 2020

Episode 1: Genesis (missing music during What's on Sam's Playlist)

*NOTE: This episode is missing the music from What's on Sam Playlist.  If you haven't listened yet, you can skip this episode and listen to Episode 1.5 instead (which is the corrected version). Aaron and Michelle take a look at the first ever episode of Quantum Leap entitled Genesis. Come explore the 50's and 60's where we find out if we break mach 3 even though Sam doesn't know how to fly! We hope this episode scores a home run with our listeners as it was a real labor of love. Come enjoy our conversation by the jukebox as we talk about Genesis and the fantastic TV series from the past called Quantum Leap.  Aaron and Michelle have also included for your entertainment a look at the top music hits for the month that Sam leapt into his "host", called "What's on Sam's Playlist?" and for all you history buffs they haven't left you out, they have added a segment called "A Brush With History".  This is a fun filled segment with some quick and interesting facts in regards to the current episode that Sam has found himself in.  Questions? Comments? Want to Talk about Quantum Leap? Want To be a Guest? Drop us a line, but since you don't have a Handlink E-mail will have to do, our email is starbright@headspeaks.com. Have social Media?, you know you do, check us out on our Facebook group at the HeadCast Network. 
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