54 minutes | May 11th 2018

The STANDcast 48: Kids & Sports and Three Dads

In episode 48 of the STANDcast Dwayne Hayes, editor in chief of STAND magazine, is joined by Jeff Wenzel and Mitch Nobis to discuss sports and kids. They talk about how their kids got involved in sports, what they hope they gain from the experience, and concerns about the importance society places on athletic achievement along with equating athleticism with masculinity. In addition, they envision a new basketball league, discuss hotdogging and taunting opponents, and mention the best collegiate fight song in the country. All this and more on STANDcast 48. Episode 48 fast facts and info: • Jeff “Maverick” Wenzel & Mitch Nobis • How did your kids get started in sports? • Sports family, encouraged participation in sports • Basketball “league” for three-year-olds • New 50+ basketball league with 7-foot rims at Costick Center • Three suburban dads = no soccer • What do you hope your children gain from their involvement in sports? • Collaboration, team work, importance of practice & hard work • Learning the fundamentals of the sport • What did I do good? What do I have to get better at? • Learning to handle failure and disappointment • Understand the mental aspect • What concerns do you have about your child’s involvement in sports? • Not handling disappointment well • Miguel Cabrera • Fuzzy rant • The Emoji Movie • How do you balance it all? • Atticus is obsessed with Matthew Stafford but has a Tom Brady jersey • How to deal with over-emphasis on athletic achievement & equating athleticism with masculinity • Jeff is in a trophy case • Hotdogging vs alpha-dogging • Can you recognize the success of your opponent? • Ultimately, competition is with yourself • Do you take your kids to live sporting events? • Michigan tickets too expensive for families • Jim Harbaugh, are you listening? • Who know math? This guy! • Toledo Mud Hens • “Flying you-know-whats” • Ida football games • What’s your favorite sports experience with your children? • Charlie gets thrown a towel by Piston player Anthony Tolliver • “Nerf dunks” • Big run from Atticus • Hugs from Logan in the middle of a baseball game • Lions game with Logan • Best fight song in the land • Jeff still has four years of eligibility left • STAND magazine: www.stand-magazine.com Music: Get Up Stand Up (Featuring Brother Ali) by Public Enemy, licensed under Creative Commons 4.0
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