40 minutes | Apr 19th 2018

The STANDcast 46: Shared Parenting Following Separation or Divorce with Christian Paasch

In episode 46 of the STANDcast Dwayne Hayes, editor in chief of STAND magazine, is joined by guest Christian Paasch, founder of the Virginia chapter of the National Parents Organization, to discuss shared parenting or shared custody, his experience with the courts, and what states are doing to ensure children have more time with each parent following a separation or divorce. In addition, Christian talks about the work of the National Parents Organization and shares some advice for parents going through the process of ending a relationship. All this and much more on STANDcast 46. Episode 46 fast facts and info: • Guest: Christian Paasch • “How much you can afford and how long you can fight” • Depends on the judge and where you live • National Parents Organization • This is an arena with a winner and a loser: and the children lose • Spent multiple “Harvard educations” on court costs • Shared parenting or sharing custody is flexible • A minimum of 35% of time should be spent with each parent to ensure a significant relationship • Maximize the time a child gets with each parent • Laws vary by state • Child support laws incentivize parent to spend less amount of time with child to have lower child support payments • Laws have not changed significantly over the last 50 years • Values and politics of a state impact that state’s family law • Shared parenting does NOT mandate a 50/50 split • Shared parenting does address cases of domestic violence, abuse and neglect • Many states have some form of shared custody legislation or are considering shared custody laws • Dad 2.0 • Financial incentives to attorneys for these cases to draw out • When dealing with custody battle and stresses, Christian used his training in the military: deep breathing, staying healthy and active, surrounding with positive people • Focus on what matters and what you can control • “You don’t have to run to the courts” • Don’t accept a mediocre attorney if you hire one • You want an attorney who personally knows the judges • @christianpaasch on twitter, email at christianpaasch@nationalparentsorganization.org • Petra Maxwell, National Executive Director, National Parents Organization • “get up” and always try to find a way to improve your own life a little every day • STAND magazine: www.stand-magazine.com Music: Get Up Stand Up (Featuring Brother Ali) by Public Enemy, licensed under Creative Commons 4.0
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