70 minutes | Apr 5th 2018

The STANDcast 44: A Story of Transracial Adoption with Mitch Nobis

In episode 44 of the STANDcast Dwayne Hayes, editor in chief of STAND magazine, is joined by Jeff Wenzel and Mitch Nobis to discuss adoption. Mitch shares his story of adopting two black boys and leads us through the adoptive process, while also sharing some tips for those considering adoption. In addition, Mitch discusses the differences between domestic and international adoption, shares the story of a "disrupted" adoption, and references Chuck D, Bob Mould, and the Avengers. All this and much more on STANDcast 44. Episode 44 fast facts and info: • Jeff “Fuzzy” Wenzel derails from the moment go • Always wear pants • The saga of adoption • Going into marriage with the knowledge that you will be adoptive parents • Process typically takes a year or two • Domestic adoption vs. international adoption • Think global, act local: planned to adopt from Michigan • Adopting • Paperwork: “you might have some stuff in your system” and “An order form for a baby” • Lawyer, small private agency, or mega-corp adoption agencies • Interviewed half-dozen agencies • Religious motivations for adoption • White people should save the children • “You’re doing God’s work” • “A lot of people mark white-only” so it’s easier to adopt a child of color • In some places it is cheaper to adopt a Black baby • Fees range around the cost of a car • Family dynamics and reactions to adoption • Culture: silence about adoption, closed adoption, Avengers, Loki • Life book, photo album: like an audition • “Putting up for adoption” v. “placing for adoption” • “Two of the most loving, strongest women I will meet in my life” • How much information do you receive about the birth parents/family? • “Our boys know they are adopted” • When should kids get cell phones? • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Adoption • Bob Mould • Recessions lead to fewer adoptions • “Disrupted” adoption: you have a match and then the adoption falls through • You can “use the system” to pay some medical bills • Transracial adoption and multi-racial families • “we are not color blind” • Chuck D and Public Enemy • “from cute to Mike Brown real fast” • They adore Abraham Lincoln • Read kids books with brown people • “my kids both know what a uterus is” • “a broader, richer definition of family” • Adoption and marriage • Mitch still hoping to take a honeymoon after nearly ten years of marriage • Adoptive families magazine • Read about race in America: it’s our story • Seeking out communities of other adoptive parents • STAND magazine: www.stand-magazine.com Music: Get Up Stand Up (Featuring Brother Ali) by Public Enemy, licensed under Creative Commons 4.0
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