56 minutes | Jul 26, 2021

SCOPAblog Presents: Commonwealth v. Alexander

Host Corrie Woods interviews fellow appellate attorney Aaron Marcus of the Defender Association of Philadelphia to discuss Commonwealth v. Alexander, in which SCOPA held that the Pennsylvania Constitution provides motorists greater privacy rights than the federal Constitution, requiring any search of an automobile in Pennsylvania be supported not only by probable cause, as the federal Constitution requires, but also by exigent circumstances that make it impracticable to obtain a warrant. Show Notes:Justice Donohue's OpinionJustice Baer's Concurring OpinionChief Justice Saylor's Dissenting OpinionJustice Dougherty's Dissenting OpinionJustice Mundy's Dissenting Opinion"Precedent and Discretion" by William Baude"Book Examines the History and Contemporary Role of Philadelphia's Public Defenders"Read more about Commonwealth v. Alexander and all of SCOPA's cases on SCOPAblog.
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