17 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

Conservative – Christian Voters To Do List

Patrick Henry, a great American revolutionary, loved freedom, loved freedom more than anything. He penned these everlasting words:


There was no life without freedom, liberty and for him, there was no living alternative.

In revolutionary times, doubtful today, the great state of New Hampshire told all other United States that all who lived within its borders would:

         LIVE FREE OR DIE.

And the vast majority of Americans, if not all, cherish freedom, true liberty, perhaps more than any other virtue. WE THE PEOPLE believe with all of our hearts that the gift of freedom is DIVINE, that is God–given and therefore UNALIENABLE. It can not be taken away, never. For without freedom, there is no life, none.

No greater document has ever been produced by mankind than that of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. It is a marvelous document. It should be required reading for every American. It should be even more so required for every immigrant seeking citizenship. In fact, it should be required reading, even testing, for those who would have the privilege of VOTING in this great country. And you, my fellow American, you will vote Tuesday, November 3, 2020 in the most important elections ever held in the history of humanity, will you not? And you are registered and ready to do so, are you not?

Required reading should be the First Amendment of the Constitution. In fact, it should be memorized, discussed, researched so that the meaning, the history, the importance and priority of these incredible, unalienable words would be riveted in the minds and hearts of every American citizen, especially the young. 

Here those words:


Some say the Constitution is difficult to understand. But that is NOT so. The words of the First Amendment to the Constitution are plain, simply stated, and straightforward. Congress cannot make any law which establishes any religion (The Establishment Clause). None whatsoever, and a very good thing. Nor, can Congress prohibit the free exercise, the practice of religion, not just worship but religion anywhere and everywhere and especially in the public square. Should that happen in America, that is a fundamental violation of the unalienable rights of WE THE PEOPLE. So many in the Democrat party want nothing to do with, in fact the end of religion. But it is your right and mine to practice religion, to believe as we would be led to do so and to protect that unalienable right at all costs. You can be certain there are those seeking political power in November elections who would do away with these freedoms or severely curtail them. You should know who they are, from which party they come and make certain your EDUCATED VOTE does not include them.

Read those great words of the First Amendment again. See how all the freedoms indicated intertwine, the one dependent upon the other. First, freedom of religion, the free exercise thereof. But then, freedom of speech. Freedom to preach, testify, teach, witness and otherwise fully and freely express your faith or for that matter any other idea, thought, feeling or expression you may have. ANYTHING! Exercise your religious beliefs freely and express them with total and complete freedom of speech. OR, of the press. Printed. Put what you believe on the internet. Hand out tracks. Publish newspapers or anything else you wish, freely and without any kind of government restraint. You should know and protect that right with all your might.

And, another unalienable right is the right to assemble. The right to get together, congregate as in church. That right cannot be taken away no matter the circumstances. And yet it has most recently where worship has been banned or limited by social distancing, masks and other governmental requirements no matter the Constitution. The Governors of some states have exercised cruel and unusual punishment for religious people and churches, forbidding them to congregate and some have rebelled, some have engaged in CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. As in the case of John MacArthur and Grace Community Church in California. MacArthur said that no government or political force would ever prevent him and his congregation from worshipping the God of the heavens and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He had no other choice. And more of that kind of political strong–arming will occur in the future, of that you can be sure. Some think the day is upon us where civil disobedience for people of faith will be necessary, defying a rabid secular order and preserving the most important freedom offered by our Constitution. That of course would be the supreme method to fight the fight of faith. Are you ready for that fight, my fellow Americans? Are you ready to fight for freedom of religion Christians, Evangelicals and Catholics, Jews, and Muslims and all others, are you ready? That day is not coming. That day is here. 

You should memorize the First Amendment to the Constitution. You should discuss it, you should have dialogue with as many as you can. And most importantly, you should discuss and dialogue those unalienable rights, those God–given freedoms with your family. Your spouse. And most importantly, your children. It is tragic to see how children grow up, are supposedly educated, and know little or nothing about the Constitution of the United States, their passport to freedom. The current education model seeks to play down, even ignore the Constitution as it rewrites American history and what a tragedy that is. Families must meet, children must engage in dialogue with parents, and spouse with spouse concerning FREEDOM. Families must newly understand and children must be taught concepts of truth, and fact and faith. The heart and soul of America has left the educational system. The only way, real way it can be kept alive is in the HOME. The First Amendment and all of its freedoms must live in the minds and hearts of families. Otherwise, we cannot live free and therefore we DIE. 

When you know those freedoms, you will be able to study the great issues of the day, understand the positions of the politicians and parties and be able to make informed decisions about voting. All politicians seek power, most will say or do anything to get elected, and most never really reveal what they truly believe or what they will do in power when elected. Knowing and championing those first amendment freedoms will allow you to identify the WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. Democracy depends upon the educated vote of its citizens and you will vote and vote right, will you not my fellow Americans? The future of our great country depends upon that, YOUR VOTE. 


READ. Get information where there is fact and truth and not simply editorial opinion. Objective and conservative leaning publications like the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, and thankfully THE NEW YORK POST present the other side, more factual and objective than other publications. Read them.

There are excellent conservative organizations who publish materials on the internet and send direct mail. Like Judicial Watch. Accuracy In Media. Media Research Center. Young America’s Foundation. And minority voices like Candace Owens, Kim Klacik, David Harris, Johnny Thomas and Reggie Carr and so many others. There are men and women at work Protestant, Catholic and Jewish, like David Horowitz (Freedom Center) and others who seek the truth and protect traditional American freedoms. Read their publications. Study what they produce and support them.

And your church, ESPECIALLY YOUR CHURCH. Do anything and everything you can to protect it, support it and make certain its witness continues. You should encourage your Pastor and church leaders to stand up, be heard and really:


for they are involved not just simply in politics or dealing with political issues but:

         MORAL ISSUES.

Pastors and religious leaders must, MUST take the lead, shepherd the sheep, educate, motivate and faithfully protect freedom of religion, and speech, and press, and assembly, and petition. THEY must be the leaders not just Protestant – Evangelical, but Catholic, Jew and all people of faith. It is religion – faith which is under attack and it must be defended, IT MUST! 

Stand up my fellow Americans. Do not be INTIMIDATED. Speak out. Be heard. Print and publicize. Stand tall for what you believe and for whom you will vote. Protest. Rally. November 3 may be your last chance to have a vote which really matters and if you don’t vote, for whatever wrong reasons you may have, you may well say goodbye to the America, this very special land of freedom, the land of the brave and the free once and for all. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!

You can boycott ECONOMICALLY. When companies, manufacturers and suppliers cross the line, when it is obvious that they operate with principles that are not based on constitutional or biblical values:

         BOYCOTT THEM.

Simply put, don’t buy their products. STAND UP! If you don’t, goodbye America.

And you will vote, will you not my fellow Americans? YOU MUST VOTE. And vote right, well educated, knowing the issues, and the candidates and especially the parties. For as Democrats veer, even lurch to the left, the radical left, there is a voter’s clear choice between that which is becoming ever more radical, dangerous and anti–American (the Democrat Party) and that which stays reasonably conservative, traditional and true to American values and our beloved Constitution. The Republicans. There are those who call themselves:


but voting is not casting a vote for a personality, but for policies. Not just for promises but for PERFORMANCE. So, look at what Trump and his Administration have done and compare that with what Biden has done as Obama’s Vice President and what the Democrats expect of him should he be elected. Understand those differences clearly and vote accordingly, and of course according to your conscience. 

But, you better take America seriously, my fellow Americans not just for your sake, but your family, friends, your church and all you love. Unalienable freedoms are being attacked everywhere. So many are ignorant or uninvolved today. Let that not be you. Stand up, stand tall, and be ready like the revolutionaries of old to:

         LIVE FREE OR DIE. 

Would you be willing to do that? For America? For the God, the Savior you love, would you? I hope and pray so.

And you will vote November 3, my fellow Americans, will you not? You must vote or all of us may say soon after: