47 minutes | Dec 8, 2020

Episode # 19: This is Some Bull S%#t: Topics for & about "Bulls" & Single Males

A timely year end , solo wrap up about ongoing issues regarding the pitfalls we single males & Bulls continue to fall into and participate in based on stories, comments and experiences of hundreds of couples and singles I have interacted with.Also some very important information and advice for couples and single females to consider.I invite you to contact me at either my website:http://StagStable.buzzsprout.com my email: www.thestagsstable@gmail.com or the Podcast Twitter account:@StagStable and my personal Twitter account:@AzgigoloGQ Article:  https://www.gq.com/story/secret-life-americas-greatest-swinger You can find this Episode as well as all past and future episodes of the Stag’s Stable podcast on:Apple Podcasts/ iTunesStitcherSpotifyGoogle PlayMusic by: omnibeats.com/category/chris-brown-type-beat/Produced by xXx for Omnibeats.com; Title: Like ThatAlbum Artwork designed by Nicolas Gonet at www.upwork.comNone of the topics or advice given in this or any other episode is based on any medical advice, recommendations or training.  These are  based on empirical personal experiences within the lifestyle only.
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