38 minutes | Nov 30, 2020

The Spot EP13: Thought Leadership, Core Insights, and your POV

Ready, Spot, GoIn this episode of The Spot, Doug Davidoff, Juli Durante, and George B. Thomas break down their thoughts on thought leadership vs. thought leadership content, company core insights, your POV (point of view), and much more.Let's buckle up and get into the good stuff.That Hit The SpotThis week's article is one brought to us by Doug Davidoff because of a conversation started a couple of episodes ago.If you are a thought leader or you are creating thought leadership content for your company, you just might want to tune into this conversation! Move Beyond Thought Leadership Leadership to Break The Sales Barrier MythOh and FYI, this is not just a sales conversation, this is an entire company content and strategy conversation.Until We Spot AgainMake sure you connect with The Spot team. Let us know your thoughts on the shows so far. Juli:@realjulid Doug: @dougdavidoff Max: @maxjacobcohen George: @georgeBThomas Make sure to use the hashtag #sprockettalk or #thespotpodcast.
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