44 minutes | Aug 16, 2021

The Spot EP 25: Content Creation ~ SEO vs Sales vs Social Debate

In this episode of The Spot Doug Davidoff, Max Cohen, and George B. Thomas talk about content creation, SEO, Sales, and Social Media. Right now, what are you creating content for and why? This and more in this week's episode.That Hit The SpotThis conversation came about because of the upcoming INBOUND 2021 debate between Franco Valentino and George B. Thomas. https://www.inbound.com/2021/sessions/the-great-debate-content-creation-for-seo-or-salesIs your company creating content? Are you focused on SEO or on your sales team when it comes to content creation?In this INBOUND 2021 debate, listen in as Franco Valentino from SEO Narrative and George B. Thomas from Impulse Creative battle back and forth on the topic of content creation for SEO or for Sales — what comes first and what is most important. In this debate, you'll learn exactly what these experts think and teach to their clients!Until We Spot AgainMake sure you connect with The Spot team. Let us know your thoughts on the shows so far.Make sure to use the hashtag #sprockettalk or #thespotpodcast.
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