128 minutes | Sep 17th 2019

Season 9 Episode 17- Conrad Thompson, Adrian Dater

Steve interviews Conrad Thompson (00:03:45) from the wrestling podcast world. Conrad joins us to talk about making money in the podcast space, explains how he built his empire, and breaks some news about his new podcast with Arn Anderson. Conrad also picks topics for a hypothetical podcast with Vince McMahon, talks about Prichard Show failing to keep promises on Patreon, and chats with Steve about college football. Also, Adrian Dater(01:16:58) from Colorado Hockey Now is on the program. Adrian talks to us about a recent Kiss show he attended and tries to defend them for singing to tracks. Adrian also talks about the Avalanche's fight with cable companies in Denver and explains why he decided to start his own site. We also talk about the Avalanche fighting with one of their best players. Adrain makes fun of Connor McDavid and the Denver Broncos before signing off. Steve starts the show by proclaiming that he hates football. The book club talks about two books that still need to be dealt with and the addition of two new books. The show ends with one last thing about Drew Brees. For more information follow the podcast on twitter @sports_casters Email: thesportscasters@gmail.com
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