108 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Season 11 Episode 7- Keith Law, Devin Gordon

Steve interviews Keith Law (00:13:37) from The Athletic. Keith joins us to talk about some of his recent work at The Athletic and his book being released on paperback. Keith explains why this isn't a great MLB Draft to hold the 1.1 pick, talks about the best prospects in the upcoming draft, and talks about the best prospects not in Major League Baseball on opening day. Keith also talks about his book being released on paperback, the response to it, and questions he is often asked when doing interviews. Keith also spends a few minutes taking questions on board games. Also, Devin Gordon(001:00:33) joins us to talk about his new book about the New York Mets. The Mets have invented more ways to lose than anyone thought was possible and Devin has written the perfect book to document all of them. We talk about famous Mets losses like 1988 against the Dodgers, 2006 without swinging the bat, and 2015 agains the Kansas City Royals. The Royals? Yep. The book is a ton of fun and so was my time with Devin. Steve starts the withe the sports media minute. The book club needs a book. OLT ends the show with Steve talking getting the vaccine and then falling asleep for a few days. For more information follow the podcast on twitter @sports_casters Email: thesportscasters@gmail.com
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