120 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

Season 11 Episode 5- Joe Buck, Al Strachan

Steve interviews Joe Buck (00:07:06) from Fox Sports. Joe and Steve talk about broadcasting during COVID, looking forward to the vaccine, and life during the pandemic. Joe also talks about why baseball is at the root of his polarization, the Mount Rushmore of sports broadcasters, and how he reacts to rumors that Troy Aikman might leave the booth for a GM job. Also, Al Strachan (01:12:15) formerly of Hockey Night in Canada joins to promote his new book. Al talks about the origin of hockey insiders, the politics behind the scenes, and the incredible chemistry when the red light was on. Al also talks about being trusted by Wayne Gretzky and how that impacted his career. Steve starts the show complaining (again) about the lifeless Buffalo Sabres. The book club has a new book and a new contest. OLT ends the show with Steve talking about his number being called for the COVID vaccine. For more information follow the podcast on twitter @sports_casters Email: thesportscasters@gmail.com
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