101 minutes | Jan 21, 2021

Season 11 Episode 1- Jeff Passan, Greg Wyshynski, Don Russ

Steve interviews Jeff Passan (00:10:01) from ESPN. Jeff and Steve look back at Jeff being the first guest to ever appear on an episode of The Sports-Casters. Jeff talks about why he still does this podcast even though he says no to most others. Steve explains a falling out he had with Jeff in 2012 and reads Jeff the email he sent to him to apologize. Jeff makes fun of Steve, Drew Brees, and the guys have a laugh until Jeff says goodbye to break news on ESPN. Also, Greg Wyshynski (00:25:34) returns to talk about being the second guest to ever appear on The Sports-Casters. Steve and Greg share memories of the old days and talk about Greg's podcasting career with several different hosts. Then, the guys talk about the return of the NHL, Greg gives his Stanley Cup pick, and Steve explains why he is optimistic about the Buffalo Sabres. Finally, Don Russ (00:56:14) returns to the podcast to talk with Steve about creating it. The guys talk about the goals they had when they started the show and go over why the did or didn't accomplish them. Steve starts the show by putting to bed the Payton/Brees era of New Orleans Saints football. The book club looks ahead to another year of great books. OLT ends the show with Steve looking back on 10 years of The Sports-Casters. For more information follow the podcast on twitter @sports_casters Email: thesportscasters@gmail.com
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