115 minutes | Dec 30, 2020

24 Inch Podcast 3, The Iron Sheik

On the third episode of the 24 Inch Podcast, Steve Bennett and Dave Rowlands take a deep dive into Hulk Hogan's 1984 match against The Iron Sheik and the launch of Hulkamania. At the top, Steve and Dave talk about the since past Christmas holiday and then celebrate the lives and careers of the many wrestlers that we lost in 2020. After the break, the guys look back at incredible journey that led to the Sheik becoming the WWF World Champion. The guys track the Sheik from Iran to Minnesota and look at his career before the WWF. Steve reads the news from January of 1984 while Dave cracks wise and tries to guess the MVP of the NBA All-Star game. Steve and Dave break down the entire Championship Wrestling program from 1-28-84. The guys talk about how Vince was reshaping the roster and preparing the company for the Rock n Wrestling era. The guys talk about the first Piper's Pit, the return of Greg Valentine, and breakdown the match between Sheik and Hulk. Also on this episode, Steve and Dave give their rankings for Hogan vs. Sheik, do their best Sheik impressions with Mrs. Wonderful, and then look ahead to the next episode of the 24 Inch Podcast. For more information follow us on twitter @24InchPodcast Email us: 24InchPodcast@gmail.com
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