90 minutes | Dec 14, 2020

24 Inch Podcast 2, Kamala

On the second episode of the 24 Inch Podcast, Steve Bennett and Dave Rowlands take a deep dive into Hulk Hogan's 1986/87 feud with Kamala. After a brief intro, Steve and Dave look back at the life and career of Kamala. The guys track Kamala from Memphis to Texas and look at his first two runs in the WWF. The guys talk about Kamala's complaints about payouts and tell a story about the Undertaker supposedly making $483,000 more than Kamala at SummerSlam 1992. Steve and Dave discuss the feedback they received about the first episode of the podcast, Steve reads the news from January of 1987, and Dave gives us an update on Hogan's house show work that month. Steve and Dave break down the entire Kamala and Hogan feud and breakdown the Madison Square Garden card in January of 1987. Dave explains the importance of the 12-26 show at MSG and tells a story about watching Hulk vs. Kamala with the late, great Uncle Tito. Also on this episode, Steve and Dave give their rankings for Hogan vs. Kamala, speculate as to why Kamala wasn't on the WrestleMania 3 Card, and the guys look ahead to the next episode of the 24 Inch Podcast. For more information follow us on twitter @24InchPodcast Email us: 24InchPodcast@gmail.com
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