114 minutes | May 5, 2021

24 Inch Podcast 11, vs. Mr Perfect

On the eleventh episode of the 24 Inch Podcast, Steve Bennett and Dave Rowlands take a deep dive into Hulk Hogan's match against Mr. Perfect on Saturday Night's Main Event in April of 1990. At the top, Steve and Dave talk about the most recent lapsed fan wrestling content on cable television and discuss what they did during the show's spring break. After the break, the guys give a brief bio of Curt Hennig. Also, Steve and Dave look back at the many second generation wrestlers during the 80's and 90's. Finally, Dave tells us about Hulk Hogan on tour during April of 1990. Steve reads the news from April of 1990 while Dave cracks wise and adds his thoughts on a month filled with curious reporting by the website that populates the stories for us. Steve and Dave break down the entire SNME card from April 28, 1990. The guys break down each match on the undercard, talk about a fantastic match between The Hart Foundation and The Rockers and a strange match in the 12:55 slot. Finally, Steve and Dave breakdown Hulk's match against Mr. Perfect. Also on this episode, we share listener emails and comments from our facebook page and announce our plans for episode 12. Intro: 00:02:00 History of: 00:32:06 The News/Matches: 00:50:40 Plugs/Emails: 01:31:28 For more information follow us on twitter @24InchPodcast Email us: 24InchPodcast@gmail.com Instagram: 24_inch_podcast
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