100 minutes | Dec 5, 2020

24 Inch Podcast 1, King Kong Bundy

On the very first episode of the 24 Inch Podcast, Steve Bennett and Dave Rowlands introduce you to a new podcast dedicated to Hulkamania. Steve and Dave discuss the backstory of the podcast, explain the different kinds of episodes they have planned, and give their own wrestling fan resumes. After the intro, Steve and Dave kick off the episode with a brief recap of how Hulkamania came to be, discuss the career of King Kong Bundy, and break down the decision to have Hulk vs. Bundy in a cage as the main event of WrestleMania 2. Steve and Dave break down the decision to have WM2 in three different locations, run down the card and go over all of the many celebrities involved with the event, and finally they break down the big match between Hulk and Bundy. Also on this debut episode, Steve and Dave explain the ranking system they will use for the show, talk about the house show circuit before WrestleMania 2, and look ahead to the next episode of, 24 Inch Podcast. For more information follow us on twitter @24InchPodcast Email us: 24InchPodcast@gmail.com
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