31 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

Spicy Doritos And How Foods Become American

And why some make the transition faster than others….Over the years on The Sporkful, Dan has explored an idea that’s changed the way he understands food in the U.S.: You can track an immigrant group’s assimilation in America by looking at whether their food is perceived as American, or foreign. Why is pizza accepted as American, while wonton soup is considered foreign — even though Chinese immigrants came to America in large numbers before Italian immigrants? This week we continue to explore this question with Professor Krishnendu Ray, who first explained this concept on our show, as well as chef and recipe developer Yewande Komolafe, and cookbook authors Madhur Jaffrey and Priya Krishna. Show Notes: Krishnendu Ray’s book The Ethnic Restaurateur Yewande Komolafe’s “10 Essential Nigerian Recipes” Sporkful Episode “Why Hibachi Is Complicated” (Stitcher Premium) Sporkful Episode “When Will Indian Food Be American?” (Stitcher Premium)// Get 500+ more great Sporkful episodes from our catalog and lots of other Stitcher goodness when you sign up for Stitcher Premium: www.StitcherPremium.com/Sporkful (promo code: SPORKFUL). Transcript available at www.sporkful.com.
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