28 minutes | Sep 20th 2020

10 YEARS #1 | Aleppo Sandwich Pt 1

A quest for a sandwich… In honor of our 10th anniversary we’re re-releasing three all time favorite stories, as selected by listeners, each with a brand new update. This first story is in two parts. The second part is in your feed now, with a special update at the end. Before Aleppo became an international symbol for the devastation of the Syrian civil war, it was Syria's food capital. Today, we go on a quest to find out what made a beloved sandwich shop there special, and whether the restaurant and its owners have survived the conflict. // Get 500+ more great Sporkful episodes from our catalog and lots of other Stitcher goodness when you sign up for Stitcher Premium: www.StitcherPremium.com/Sporkful (promo code: SPORKFUL). Transcript available at www.sporkful.com.
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