56 minutes | May 15, 2021

#11 – What happens after Ascension?

After we have reached Ascension – the final initiation for all of us on Earth – we are free from the wheel of rebirth. But what’s next…?! In this episode of the Spiritual Freedom Show, Mars Sector 6 gives us a glimpse – for the first time – into the real nature of interplanetary existence: the next stage in our spiritual evolution. Interplanetary existence means life on certain planets in this Solar System. Specifically, life on higher planes of vibration presently undetectable to terrestrial science. These civilizations are millions of years more advanced than us in their technological ingenuity and their appreciation of Oneness. Remote as this prospect may seem, these teachings don’t need to be! They have not just been given for our inspiration, but so that we can see where we are headed. We can try to attune ourselves with the perfection in which these Interplanetary Beings express their Divinity and we can begin, in our own way, to emulate their example. Catch episode #11 of The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence as he explores the next step we will all take after graduating from this classroom of experience on Earth. Don’t miss: Some of the key aspects of interplanetary existence Are you interfering with someone’s karma if you help them? Why can’t the Cosmic Masters help us more? An inspiring experience shared by renowned composer and musician Kevin Kendle, which he had after practicing The Twelve Blessings outside under the night sky A prayer for our greater realization of Oneness, from The Twelve Blessings, led by Julian Rosser, a Minister in the Aetherius Churches Write to us! Do you have a question, a story or an experience that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you! Reply to this email, or drop us a line at spiritualfreedom@richardlawrence.co.uk Discover more about The Nine Freedoms #11 – What happens after Ascension? Copyrighted content - originally published by The Aetherius Society
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