51 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

2021.10.13 | Australian-built rover to be sent to the Moon under deal with NASA

On The Space Show for Wednesday, 13 October 2021: Australia signs a deal with NASA to be part of a future Moon mission: The Australian Space Agency has reached an agreement with NASA for an Australian-made rover to be part of a future lunar mission, possibly as early as 2026, leveraging the nation's skills and experience in the resources sector. Leading Australian businesses and researchers will come together to develop the rover, backed by $50 million in funding from the Trailblazer program, a part of the Australian Government’s Moon to Mars initiative. The Trailblazer program is expected to open later this year, with applications to be submitted in early 2022. For more information, visit space.gov.au. Read the full text of the joint media release about the rover mission on the Prime Minister's website.   Hypersonix Launch Systems to develop re-usable space vehicle: Queensland aerospace engineering company Hypersonix Launch Systems has teamed up with the University of Southern Queensland to create a re-usable hypersonic UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to be named Delta Velos. The launch vehicle is to be a technology demonstrator for key aspects of a re-usable small satellite launch system to support Hypersonix’s first launch due in approximately two years time. Hypersonix’s initial focus is to deploy small satellites into low Earth orbit and find their unique place in the rapidly growing small satellite launch market.  Blue Origin NS-18 mission update: Australian physicist and entrepreneur, Chris Boshuizen, set to become the third Aussie to go to space aboard New Shepard, speaks on a panel discussion in Australia about Planet Labs, the space industry and innovation in 2016. On the eve of his suborbital journey into space, Chris Boshuizen’s alter ego Dr Chrispy, has released two new music tracks as an EP called One by One. Both tracks feature the voice of Stephen Fry. Announcing the release of his new music online, Dr Chrispy wrote: "I’m excited to announce two new songs featuring Stephen Fry. These are my feelings about human spaceflight, narrated by Stephen and set to music written by Bill Simpkins and me. It’s been an honour to work with Stephen, an international treasure, to produce something very unique and honest. A fitting tribute to human spaceflight, exploration and imagination." William Shatner reflects on what his imminent flight aboard NS-18 means not only to himself but to the legion of fans for the spacefaring character he made famous, Captain James T. Kirk. Shenzhou 13 launch scheduled for 3:24 am Friday, 15 October 2021 AEDT.  Binar-1 and CUAVA-1: Australian cubesats deployed successfully from the International Space Station. Lucy: NASA’s mission to investigate the Trojan Asteroids prepares for an October 16 launch.
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