55 minutes | Sep 15, 2021

2021.09.15 | SpaceX Inspiration4 mission to orbit

On The Space Show for Wednesday, 15 September 2021: The puzzle of the Australian satellites M2-A and M2-B: These satellites were launched on 2021 March 22 as one satellite, and separated last Friday, 10 September at 2:55 pm AEST. But M2-B has been given a NORAD number dated from March 22-24 period, not the range being allocated last week! SpaceX Inspiration4 mission: first-ever non-government, human orbital spaceflight - an introduction to the crew and a preview of the mission plan Lunar Environment: Part 2 of a panel discussion hosted by the Moon Village Association Space Show News including Southern Launch, TiSPACE's Hapith I launch update, Equatorial Launch Australia, an impact on Jupiter observed and more…
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