66 minutes | Jul 22, 2021

Apostle Sent Part #2

We pray that this Podcast on the subject of SENT reaches people that are being tossed by the waves of life, causing many to be agitated mentally, nervous, upset, bothered, and anxious. Sent means to be let go or dismissed to go on a mission. As Noah was in the ark he sent out a raven that never came back and a dove that came back. The first time the dove came back, the dove was broken into pieces because it could not find a place to call home. It is right there that we need to take care of those that are broken and introduce them to church, scripture, worship, fellowship, and the things of God. The second time the dove came back it had an olive leaf in its mouth. This time the dove had faith, trust in God, and the confidence that the trials were no longer huge. The same thing when we mentor people. It is a process that needs to take place so that those that were devastated by the trials of life can now be Sons of God, leaders of their families, leaders of the community, good husbands, and good parents. Blessings to all our supporters around the world. We are believing that Jesus will send you all out in power. We want it to be known that we extend our right hand of fellowship to you all. For more information please contact info@thesogcrew.com
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