48 minutes | Jan 29, 2020

Changing the world through wearable technology : Featuring Or Lustig

Or Lustig is the founder and CEO of Seatback, a unique device that tackles a massive issue that relates to us all : Sedentary living in the workplace. This maximizes productivity, reduces pain, and promotes a mindset of healthy living. Learn from Or's journey as we dive into the field wearable tech and how that can help you live longer and die later. As an impressive Israeli entreprenuer, we also talk about the Startup nation and general business insights. Topics also include the rise and fall of WeWork, What's a Unicorn? And other gems ;) If you want to learn more about Seatback please visit https://www.seatback.co/ If you want to learn more about Or please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/or-lustig/ Enjoy the episode! Please leave a review and contact me with your thoughts and comments. Have a great daySpecial Guest: Or Lustig.
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