22 minutes | Mar 16, 2020

The Positives of a Global Pandemic

When bad news is filling our air waves and social media apps… when we’re locked in our homes, faced with empty shelves, overflowing with toilet paper, and feeling a little down, we sometimes need to look at the bright side. In this episode, let’s talk about the positives of a global pandemic! Making Lemonade out of Lemons Life throws some bitter stuff at us sometimes. Whether we’re playing soccer and get a bad bounce in a pass or we’re sitting at home avoiding public gatherings during a global crisis, the skill of making lemonade out of lemons gives us power. It allows us to tap positive energy, be creative, and quench our thirst for life – hardships and all.  This year, we’re suffering form a global response to a new virus that seems to be infecting every country in the world. It’s a bad flu, basically. It’s called COVID-19. And it’s triggered fear, uncertainty, economic hardship, and frustration around the world.  Please: support the show and join our community as a Patron through my Patreon page What are Some Positives of a Global Pandemic? It might seem strange to think there are positives of a global pandemic, but there are two sides of every coin. The side we chose to see can make all the difference in our ability to cope and persevere when things get hard.  Our lives are being disrupted. Is disruption always bad? I am arguing that it’s not always bad. Sometimes, a disruption in our regular routine is exactly what we need to reset. Sometimes downtime is productive. Sometimes, not fighting traffic can be a gift.  Assuming you chose to see the positives of a global pandemic, here are some things we might talk more about: Extra manpower and incentive for Spring Cleaning Read more books See family again when they’re home from school Take a pause from hectic everyday life and reflect on what really matters Bipartisan politics have no place in a global crisis Get projects one that you’ve been putting off – ordering product for renovations, SEO, building a course Fewer cars on the road A realization that we still need one another  The best of us are popping out and offering to help neighbors: shopping, food and TP drives, running errands People are getting educated on medical basics like washing hands, transmission vectors, etc. The general IQ of the television we’re watching is going up, less mindless entertainment and more content Our resilience is showing The best in people comes out in the worst of times Many interesting and key conversations are teed up for us to have with our kids Have More Positives? I don’t think this list has to be exhaustive for the point to be made. There are many positives of a global pandemic. To see them, we simply need to look. I’ve got comments open on this show’s Website, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter. Have you got a few extra minutes? How about sharing a positive that you’ve experienced (or will experience) as a result of this global pandemic? Personally, I think this kind of conversation is a nice needed break from the regular stream of news the networks are continually sharing. 
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