112 minutes | Feb 12, 2021

You Might Lose Your Black Card If ? Brady Wins Super Bowl Again!

Mr. Styles , Prez and K-Dub Jump right into it !!!!! Ear To The Street  The weekend performance, Commercials (Tracey Morgan ,Cardi b Wayne’s world , drake from State Farm ,Jay-Z steals Nas' thunder once again, releasing a new song on the same dat, Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana's long-awaited collab project, Aunt  Jamama  change his name to Pearl Milling ,Nickelodeon colorism commercial, Michele Obama cooking show waffles and mocha, Tesla Announces $1.5 Billion Bitcoin Investment and Plans to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments and u can buy a Tesla with bit coin, French Police Break Up 81-Person Orgy Over COVID-19 Curfew Violation, McDonalds bring back hi c, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner And Jay Z Among 2021 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees  , Gina Carano fired from the Mandalorian says referenced the Holocaust, Clubhouse shadow banned on Ig Weed News  Greg Rubenacker was charged with smoking joint inside capital during break in Jamaica is Running Low on Marijuana Due to Drought and COVID-1 Strain Of The Week : Green crack 14% thc fluffy light green , Sativa it smoked cool it was a great high for like 15 mins  Question Of The Day : Is hip-hop a key factor in the violence and death in the black community Real Sports Super bowl ,First female to Ref ,Super Bowl Commercials (Tracey Morgan ,Cardi B Wayne’s world , drake from State Farm, Tom Brady toss trophy off boat ,Ap wants to play with Brady, Russel Wilson trade rumors , Robert horry tweets Brady welcome to the 7 ring club and wants his respect   5 Blunts Of Kush : Sneaker Head Edition (Bonus Black History Month Segment)Things That will Get Your Black Card Taken  Top 10 Real Countdown : Top 10 Crunk songs  plus Oval Office, Fadded and X-Rated, F-U Fridays     
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